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Gospel for Asia’s Critter Campaign

GFA - 2013 CRITTER CAMPAIGN 560 X 100It’s that time of year again! The Critter Campaign is here!

Are you looking to make a difference for eternity? Consider a gift that has the power to completely change the lives of thousands of “Untouchables” in Asia! These gifts open the door to share the most precious gift of all, the Love of Jesus! The Sound of Life is partnering with Gospel for Asia to share the Good News of Jesus Christ through tangible gifts for precious children and their families.

Choose from chickens, goats, water buffaloes, lambs, pigs, Jesus wells, sewing machines, and more! All gifts are presented by a Gospel for Asia supported national missionary or pastor on the mission field – opening the door to communicate God’s Love! You become an extension of that pastor or missionary.

Dalit Facts: The Dalits are considered subhuman by their culture. They are forced to live in deplorable conditions and are treated as outcasts in society. There are nearly 300 million Dalits or “Untouchables” with over 100 million of them children. These kids are the poorest of the poor and are often sold into bonded labor, working long hours every day to pay off a debt of approximately 16 US dollars! You can choose to give a gift to a Dalit family “on behalf of” someone you love. You can order cards from Gospel for Asia to send to your loved one to let them know their gift is making an eternal impact. Gospel for Asia sends 100 percent of your contribution directly to the mission field to purchase the gift you’ve chosen. Nothing is taken out for administrative costs.

Send a gift today and make an eternal difference in the lives of a precious Dalit family! You will open the door to share the most precious gift of all – the Good News of Jesus Christ!

To choose the gift you want to send call 1-877-914-GOAT or click on the banner above!

God bless you, Merry Christmas and thank you for giving!