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Coverage Map

This is the coverage map for the Sound of Life radio network.  At the present time, the Albany / Troy station is off the air.  We are in the process of raising funds to re-establish that station in the Capital Region.

This is the coverage map for the Sound of Life Radio Network.  The Albany station (94.9FM) has been moved east of Albany to the Voorheesville area.  This frequency now covers more of the Capital Region than previously.  We’re grateful to God!

WLJH 90.7 FM- Glens Falls, New York
WSSK 89.7 FM – Saratoga Springs, New York
WPGL 90.7 FM – Schenectady, New York
WPGL 94.9 FM – Albany / Troy, New York
WGKR 105.3 FM – Grand Gorge, New York
WHVP 91.1 FM – Hudson, New York
WFGB 89.7 FM – Kingston, New York
WGWR 88.1 FM – Liberty, New York
WFGB 89.1 FM – Pawling, New York
WFGB 88.3 FM – Newburgh, New York
WRPJ 88.9 FM – Port Jervis, New York
WLJP 89.3 FM – Monroe, New York