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Our Team

Radio Announcers:

  • Joe Hunter
  • Program Director & Cup ‘A Joe Morning Show


  • Joe grew up in North Carolina, with Andy Griffith, sweet tea, and bar-b-que. Most people only gave him 6 months, but God had other plans. Joe is a testament of God’s incredible grace; a person who moved here out of purely selfish motives who is being used for His glory on a daily basis. God gave him a love for radio, something that He uses for His glory to impact lives every day.  Joe is married to Debbie and they have three grown children.

  • Jake Sommers
  • Jake Sommers
  • Mid-Day Cafe


  • Jake is one of the most unforgettable personalities you will ever meet on the radio. His transparency and warmth never fail to touch hearts.  Jake’s testimony is powerful, and his radio career spans quite a bit of the country.  Jake is happily married to Dana.  Their children are Aubrey (who is an amazing trumpet player) and Stephen (who is just amazing). All the rest are grown up:  Cherub, Ariel and Ben.

  • Amanda CarrollAmanda Carroll
  • Afternoon Announcer – Heading Home Show


  • Ken Bishop
  • Ken Bishop
  • Evening Announcer


  • Ken grew up listening to Chicagoland Radio and jokes “U-Haul has me on their Christmas Card list“ having worked Radio from Green Bay to Minneapolis, and Virginia to Idaho!  Christian FM listeners are glad he’s found his home – he’s a warm communicator and passionate about his relationship with Jesus Christ. Ken has  2 children, Sam is 19 and Jac is 11.

      • TMZ
      • Chp. Tom Michaels Zahradnik
      • CEO & Sunday Morning Brunch
      • Tom has been in broadcasting for 28 years and has done pretty much everything in radio and television, both in front of the microphone and camera, as well as behind the scenes. He greatest love is the radio.Tom’s most profound moment was on February 19th, 1982. After a suicide attempt from depression, he was admitted to New York Psychiatric Hospital in White Plains, NY. It was there in his room he encountered the living person of Jesus Christ. Tom was moved by Christ to repent of his sins and surrender his life to Him. He did and his life has never been the same. It is amazing grace! Continue reading →

    • Melissa Stover
    • Melissa Stover


    • Melissa has a degree in broadcasting from Penn State, and has enjoyed working in radio and television for quite a few years.  Melissa has been married to Michael for 24 years and they have two children:  Nick, 20, and Marian, 17, and three fat cats. Her hobbies include reading, watching football and spending time with family. Melissa loves volunteering at church, especially with the Youth Group.

    • Bill Lurwick
    • Bill Lurwick


    • Bill has worked in many cities in the U.S. and has worked in most formats of radio, but has spent the last 14 years in Christian radio. He’s won some radio awards, but the awards that mean the most to him are the admiration of his wife and three children! His hobbies include fitness activities because of his REAL hobby, which is eating!

    • Tom Miner
    • Tom Miner


    • For Tom it all started in Charlotte, NC, when he was an intern at New Life 91.9.  He then went to Total Traffic/Clear Channel where he was a traffic/news reporter for a little while, then moved to DC working as a fill in and also a traffic/news reporter.  Now, he’s here with us! He’s worked in Contemporary and Christian Radio. Tom comes from a loving and caring blended family and he loves to travel with them. He loves outdoor activities including: whitewater rafting, kayaking, going to the beach, walking, gardening, fishing, and spending time with his family.

    • doughannah
    • Doug Hannah


    • Doug is a Christ-follower, a proud husband, a dad, and Diet Pepsi and Apple products fanatic. He’s been married to his wife Julie since 1988, and they have 4 kids – one of whom has a Master’s Degree, confirming that she always was smarter than her dad! ;) Doug is originally from Michigan. He likes saying things on the radio that build people up and remind people of God’s grace, which really is AMAZING!

    • FB 2012 Headshot
    • Pam Lundell


    • Pam is a native Minnesotan and a 20 year radio veteran. After the sudden death of her husband John in ’05 Pam was led to Christian radio where she became morning host for a Christian talk show. She also does a variety of voiceovers locally and nationally for TV & Radio. Pam says God was amazing in how he took care of her as a young widow and through that experience she has been able to help new widows on their journey through a recently formed foundation called Widow Might (widowmight.org). Pam loves to laugh, cook and read, sometimes at the same time! She remarried in May of 2014 and she and Tim have blended their family leading Pam to dub her family “My BFBF” which means My Big Fat Blended Family!

    Our Staff:

    Tom Michaels Zahradnik – Chief Executive Officer
    Joe Hunter – Program Director
    Donna Quiles – Office Administrator
    Connie Van Kleeck – Director of Outreach
    Wayne Williams Director of Partner Relations
    Paul Grimsland – Production Director
    Mark North – Assistant to the CEO (volunteer)
    Jeremey Carmen – Digital Media (volunteer)


  • Board of Directors:
  • Kathy Smith - Chairman
    D. Derek Duncan – Vice Chairman
    Shane Ross- Secretary
    Robert Rebelein- Treasurer
    Tom Michaels Zahradnik – Chief Executive Officer

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