Fox & Friends Trip – 2015

Fox & Friends Web Banner

We have an exciting opportunity to be in the audience at the Fox & Friends morning show at the FoxNews Studios in Manhattan on Friday, June 19th!  We’ve reserved a bus as part of our 30th anniversary celebration this year, and because of a generous gift from Ben & Gracie’s Thrift Store, we’re offering this trip free to our Sound of Life family!


Our ONE pick-up location will be at the Park & Ride in Newburgh on Rt. 17K near Route 300 at the ShortLine Bus Transportation Center.  Departure time from the Park & Ride is 4:00 am.  Please park in the back!  Our motor coach looks like the one in the picture above.

Hopefully, we will arrive in NYC at around 6:00 am.  We will leave as soon after the show and after the “For King & Country” concert as possible.  We are planning a stop at a Panera in North New Jersey on the way back up.

There are limited spots on the bus, so sign up now!  You’ll need to fill out the form for each person in your party.