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We’re always looking for volunteers to help with the many facets of our ministry. If you have a talent or ability that you would like to share with the Sound of Life and our listeners, please contact us! From helping at our studio offices to event coordination to helping our Road Crew, we would appreciate your help.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill out the form below. Questions about volunteering can be directed to volunteer@soundoflife.org or by calling: 800-724-8518.

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Volunteers must be 16 or older (18 or older to assist with taking financial information as during Life-a-Thon).

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I acknowledge that in conjunction with my volunteer activities for SOL, I will be in receipt of, and have access to certain confidential information relating to, but perhaps not limited to, SOL, donors of funds or other valuable consideration to SOL or other ministries and/or persons requesting or disclosing private information or prayer intentions. I hereby acknowledge and commit that I will hold said information in strict confidence and will not divulge, communicate, or distribute such information to any third party, unless required by applicable law. I will not utilize or disclose such information outside the scope of my volunteer activities for SOL. I expressly understand that the information provided to me shall and will be considered personal and confidential and that I will not use said information to the detriment of SOL, the donors or other persons communicating such information to me. I further acknowledge that SOL would not have permitted my participation as a SOL volunteer but for this acknowledgment.
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We have a great intern program for high school seniors and college students. Some people think of interns as coffee fetchers and copy gophers, but here at the Sound of Life, we have a different take on interns. We look at interns as future leaders, and work with them to help them realize their gifts and grow into their roles.

If you’re interested in an internship at the Sound of Life, please send an email to: intern@soundoflife.org or call: 800-724-8518.