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Adam Cappa Returns to Studio, Begins Work on New Album

In a Facebook Live video yesterday, worship leader/singer/songwriter Adam Cappa announced that he is heading into the studio this week to work on a brand new record. 

Cappa, whose previous releases include his 2012 debut album The Rescue and last year’s Never Go Back EP, says this project is centered around songs specifically for the church. Additionally, Adam’s wife Abbey will be featured on the upcoming record. “What makes this album so special is that I’m doing it with my wife,” Adam shared in the Facebook Live.

“Promised Land,” a new song that will be featured on the record, was previously released by Adam and Abbey in an acoustic video recorded earlier this year. “Over the past year Abbey and I have walked in fire and hardship. We’ve been fighting to keep our little girls heart from being compromised by the courts, and Abbey’s Daddy going to Heaven, shortly after our wedding, because of brain cancer. We don’t understand the Lord’s plan, but we know and trust that He is good! And His plans for us are good! Even though it feels like we are losing and our backs are against the water. We just need him to part it, making a way so we can walk through it on solid ground to the Promised Land. We know the Lord hasn’t lead us out in the “desert” to die, like the Israelites felt. He has not forsaken us! So we will hold onto His promises until we reach the Promise Land! Whether it be on this side of heaven, or the next. We fix our eyes on the hope of Heaven to come, on the Promised Land,” Adam wrote about the inspiration behind the song.

The couple promises a lot of behind-the-scenes content during the making of this album, starting with a recent Facebook Live that allowed fans in on the writing process for these songs. “We want to share the whole process with you guys. The writing, putting songs together, stuff that the Lord has laid on our heart. So often, you guys just get to see the finished product, but what makes these albums what they are is the stories and testimonies of how they’re actually created in the first place. We want you guys to be a part of that,” Abbey shared.

“I’m not sure how long this process will take, but it’s exciting either way and I can’t wait to get it out there for you guys. Please be praying for us as we do this,” Adam concluded.

Check out the entire Facebook Live announcement by clicking here and follow Adam on social media for continued updates on the new music.

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