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B. Reith Changes Artist Name to Brian Reith, Promises New Music

Today singer/songwriter B. Reith announced that he has officially changed his artist name to his given name, Brian Reith. In a letter to fans, Brian explained that this rebranding is not a change of style, but rather him stepping fully into who he is as an artist.

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“After releasing music and touring for 10 exciting years as B.Reith, I’ve decided to officially change my artist name to my given name, Brian Reith. It has been an incredible journey on which I’ve met so many of you! I’m not changing who I am. Actually, I’m fully accepting who I am, becoming more transparent, vulnerable, and the fullest version of myself. So this closes an amazing chapter, but is the beginning of a new era,” Brian shared.

To the excitement of fans, along with the new name comes new music. Brian additionally announced that he will be changing the way he releases music by using a Patreon platform to release one song each month.

“I don’t want anything getting in the way of releasing music. So I’m going to release ONE SONG, EVERY MONTH, straight from me to you. And I want to give you an exclusive inside look at the recording process. The Patreon model is based on monthly subscriptions. So please do me a favor and see how you can be a part of this! I spent a lot of time deciding that the best way for me to move forward is to release the kind of authentic music I’ve been called to create directly to those that want it – YOU. So thanks again for joining me on this journey. LET’S GO,” Brian concluded.

Brian’s latest EP Heart On My Sleeve released earlier this year, his first piece of new music since 2012, with an acoustic version of the EP released this week (click here to find it on Spotify). To find out more about Brian’s new music and how you can get involved, check out his Patreon page here and follow him on social media for continued updates. 

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