KJ-52 Launches New Subscription Service

KJ-52 launched a subscription service with Patreon, Inc. on February 11. With the decision he builds upon the success of his first independent release Jonah, which gained the bulk of its support from KJ’s PledgeMusic campaign. 

Through the service, fans (referred to as patrons) will essentially have direct access to KJ’s iTunes folders. He’s compiled hundreds of unreleased verses, demos, remixes and entire tracks destined to be heard by devout fans.

Six monthly subscription levels exist, ranging from $1 to $100 per month depending on which rewards and content a fan wants direct access to. Several downloads of unreleased material are already uploaded and available to those who subscribe. You can check out the details and subscribe at patreon.com/KJ52.
KJ-52 has always been on the creative edge. Through more than ten albums released and over sixteen years of Christian Hip-Hop (CHH) presence, KJ remains relevant and connected to his fan base. Jonah is just the latest result of that legacy. In addition to Patreon, you can keep up with KJ on facebook, twitter and instagram.