Levi The Poet Releases ‘Anxiety’ for Mental Health Awareness Month

Spoken word artist Levi The Poet has released a new track titled “Anxiety” for Mental Health Awareness month. The video debuted alongside a blog through mental health advocacy organization To Write Love On Her Arms, detailing his own struggles with mental health. You can read the blog on TWLOHA.com by clicking here, and watch the video for “Anxiety” below.

“Anxiety” is available for download on a pay-what-you-can basis on bandcamp. You can download the video as well at levithepoet.net. In the accompanying TWLOHA blog post, Levi explains that the piece was born out of a real-life conversation he and his wife had with some friends. “He said that he had never experienced anxiety and didn’t know what it actually was,” the poet shared. “If I am honest, I can’t remember a time that I have been more covetous of another person’s life.”

He took time to share encouragement as well, emphasizing “Most people, I think, are quicker to extend grace to others than they are willing to embrace it, themselves. I can’t number the amount of people I’ve encouraged to seek help–counseling, medication, whatever they need. Whatever you need. Whatever it takes. It’s not weakness, it’s life. We’re made for one another.”

Levi’s advocacy for issues surrounding mental illness and his partnership with To Write Love On Her Arms are not new, as he has partnered with the organization before to share the story of his father’s suicide six years ago. Through his personal platform and his art, Levi has consistently explored issues of addiction, depression, anxiety, suicide, and how all of them interact with the Gospel and faith.

Levi The Poet will be touring this summer, with a full list of dates available at levithepoet.net. You can also follow Levi on facebook and twitter.