Original Hawk Nelson Reunion Adds Bass Player

​Original Hawk Nelson Reunion Adds Bass Player

Former Hawk Nelson lead singer Jason Dunn announced on his Facebook page that “THE ORIGINAL HN LINEUP IS BACK!” Bassist Jake Goodman has been added to the lineup to create a full band.

As previously reported by NRT, Dunn has been teasing the reunion of the original Hawk Nelson lineup (Dunn on vocals, Dave Clark on guitar and Matt Paige on drums) on his Facebook and Twitter pages since mid-July. Notably missing from the new lineup is current Hawk Nelson bassist Daniel Biro, as Hawk Nelson has a full schedule touring and recording albums with Fair Trade Services. On August 30, Dunn posted a video announcing that the band lineup has been completed after adding bassist Jake Goodman, former bassist for Wretch Like Me. You can watch the video below.

Although they’ve been working on creating new music and have finalized a name, the details of the new lineup–the name and official recording and touring schedules–are yet to be announced. Jason Dunn continues to tease fans with the social media hash tags of #lttp and #2019.  LTTP are the initials for Hawk Nelson’s 2004 freshman release Letters to the President, which will be 15 years old in 2019.

Hawk Nelson has been a staple in the Christian punk and rock scene since 2004, energizing fans with hits such as “California” and “Bring ‘Em Out.” You can keep up with the current incarnation by following them on Facebook or visiting their website. Since leaving the band in 2012, Jason Dunn has pursued a solo career while he and his wife recently welcomed a son, Ryan, an event which inspired Dunn to record and release a single on May 25 called “Ryan’s Song” (get it here). 

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