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UTR Media Charts Christian Music’s Scenic Route

If your typical CCM Radio station is the expressway, UTR Media is the lakefront scenic route. Previously known as “Under The Radar,” the newly rebranded UTR Media is hopeful that folks will discover a world of Christian music beyond the Top 40 playlist. In fact, their new motto invites you to “rediscover your soul-connection to music.” 

“I often hear a story of lament when it comes to Christian music,” shares Dave Trout, founder and president of UTR Media. “People who used to experience soul-nourishment when listening to Christian music often express that today’s musical offerings are missing the mark to their hearts. It’s a genuine sense of loss. We are hoping people will rediscover what excited them about Christian music in the first place.”

How is UTR Media accomplishing this? By building a platform that celebrates a wide array of faith-inspired music from high quality but lesser-known artists. Through the release of video productions, articles, downloads, and five different podcasts, UTR Media shares the music of some notable names (still mostly ignored by CCM radio) like Sara Groves, Andrew Peterson, Colony House, Audrey Assad — alongside names that will be new discoveries to most like Giants & Pilgrims, Jess Ray, Nick Flora, Son of Laughter.

“Music can be so much more than just a background soundtrack,” Trout continues. “Spiritual music can change lives and inform culture. We want to help introduce people to a world of music that exists beyond the narrow confines of FM radio. We hope that what they discover will edify their souls immensely. In a way, it’s reclaiming some of the heart and soul of Christian music that many feel, myself included, have been choked out by commercialism and conformity.”

“Over the past several years, I’ve had the privilege to participate on UTR’s panel of reviewers to rank my top gourmet songs and albums. Over the years, these songs have been my favorite brand of music as the lyrics are often poignant messages and the music is creative and emotionally stirring. UTR is my go-to source for articles and podcasts featuring these very deserving artists, including several of my all-time favorites, Sara Groves, JJ Heller, Audrey Assad, Jason Gray and Andrew Peterson,” NewReleaseToday’s Kevin Davis says about working with UTR. 

UTR Media also takes the scenic route as an organization, because the entire platform is built as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. You can learn more or sample their videos, podcasts, or downloads at  

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