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VIDEO PREMIERE We Are the Monks Run

VIDEO PREMIERE: We Are the Monks

Husband and wife duo, We Are the Monks, are preparing to release a new album in April of 2018 and recently released a new single, “Run,” in support of their KickStarter campaign that ends later this month. Today, they are premiering their new music video for the single on NewReleaseToday.

“We are all running our own races,” explains Trent Monk when asked about the new single. “Sometimes life can get tough, confusing, complicated, and can start to feel like we’re just not getting anywhere. In these moments, we all could use some encouragement to keep running the race and that we will reach our promised land eventually. That is what this song is about. I wrote it with a good friend of mine, Joel Rousseau. We were talking one day about the music business and how it has so many uncertainties and challenges and how life for those of us in it can be hard and unpredictable at times. We also talked about our faith in God and how that fire inside of us is what keeps us going. Our favorite line from the song is, Somedays I feel like Moses, wandering on and on through the wilderness, but the fire that burns within me carries on.”

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VIDEO PREMIERE: We Are the Monks “Run”
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