Connie VanKleeck

PROFILE PICConnie VanKleeck is originally from the Mid-west and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute’s Communications/Broadcasting program. She has worked for the Sound of Life in various roles since 1986. In October of 2016 she was made General Manager.  Connie jokes and says that the only job she can’t really do is engineering and climbing up the radio towers.  Connie and Steve have been married since 1986 and they have four daughters who range in age from 27 to 11.  They became grandparents in 2014 and enjoy their grandson and granddaughter immensely.  Connie likes to knit, listen to music, and spend time with her family.  She finds tremendous fulfillment in knowing that the Sound of Life is used by God to reach so many people in the Northeast and around the world!

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