Submit Your Event

Since we’re a listening community, we’re happy to let our listeners know about your non-profit or church event.

Just a reminder… announcements MUST be submitted at least 3 WEEKS PRIOR to the event (or three weeks prior to a registration deadline).

If submitted on time, your event will be considered for inclusion in the Community Spotlight on-air. This will not happen automatically, but after we’ve had time to review and approve the announcement. Announcements air at the discretion and time allowance of our staff. This service is a courtesy to churches and non-profit organizations in our listening community. If you would like the assurance that your announcement will air, please contact us at 800-724-8518 and find out about our special paid public service announcement packages.

At the present time, our submission form is not working. During this time, we will accept announcements by email. Please send your event information to our general office email.  Include the who, what, where, when, and a brief description…as well as contact info for the event.

To view announcements click here: Calendar.