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Since we’re a listening community, we’re happy to let our listeners know about your non-profit or church event. Just fill out this easy to use online form.

Just a reminder… announcements MUST be submitted at least 3 WEEKS PRIOR to the event (or three weeks prior to a registration deadline).

If submitted on time, your event will be considered for inclusion in the Community Spotlight on-air. This will not happen automatically, but after we’ve had time to review and approve the announcement. Announcements air at the discretion and time allowance of our staff. This service is a courtesy to churches and non-profit organizations in our listening community. If you would like the assurance that your announcement will air, please contact us at 800-724-8518 and find out about our special paid public service announcement packages.

Questions about event submissions can be directed to our office.
To view announcements click here: Calendar.

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