Text It! – Give via texting

Text It Web Banner #2-1Thanks to our partnership with Kindrid.com, giving to God’s ministry and YOUR radio station is just a safe and secure TEXT away!

Simply send a text with any Gift amount followed by the keyword LIFE to 45777.

You will receive a text with a link taking you to your OWN mobile giving account form that you fill out just this one time.  Fill out the form with your contact and credit card information and you are all set to text your gift.  Your gift will be taken directly out of your account and not charged on our cell phone bill.

In the future, just send a text with ANY GIFT AMOUNT followed by the keyword LIFE to 45777.

Made a mistake when you texted the amount of your gift?  Just reply with the word “refund” and your gift will be refunded and then you can text the correct amount.

The Sound of Life reminds you, don’t text and drive.  Pull over and give generously to God’s ministry and your radio station!