Back to School!

Back to School

It seems like just yesterday we were going to graduation parties, attending school award ceremonies, cleaning out desks and shaking out book bags. Sand from the beach is just making its way out of car mats and here we are with September peaking around the corner.  The nip of fall air is sneaking in at night and brisk mornings carry the whiff of loose leaf paper.  By now school supply lists have found their way into mailboxes.  You may have already experienced the frenzy of moms in office supply stores with lists in their hands as they zoom up and down the aisles on a scavenger hunt for the individual needs of each child.   The Sound of Life wants to give you some help as you prepare for “back to school time” with the attached links of some Focus on the Family resources and tools that may be helpful, not only for you but for your children as well.

As you stand in those long lines with coupons in hand, remember that you can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!  And remember… time flies by so quickly!  That kindergarten lunch box you buy today will all too quickly be replaced with college dorm needs!

Back to School Checklist

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