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Spring Bible League Campaign

Bible League for Blog Post

The Sound of Life exists to connect people with the positive message of Jesus Christ… so this spring,  we’re excited to be supporting Bible League International, in a campaign called “Bibles Behind the Lines.”

During this campaign, you can reach out to your brothers and sisters in Christ in places like North Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. Everyday, they face darkness.

Some Christians around the world have to meet secretly in underground, house or indigenous culture churches, and the production of Bibles is forbidden in their countries. Some, living in poverty,cannot afford Bibles. Many are slain for their faith.

Often times, we, American Christians, take for granted our religious freedoms, and our access to the Word of God. Every Sunday, we have an opportunity to gather in church buildings. Throughout the week, we gather for Bible study. We attend conferences, revivals, and concerts. National movements exist such as the annual National Day of Prayer.  In this nation, we have the opportunity to live a bold Christian life. It is not constricted by the government. Yes, we’re sometimes persecuted for our beliefs, but not brought to trial or murdered.

“Christians around the world are under attack. There have been more Christians killed for their faith in the last hundred years than in the previous 19 centuries since the beginning of the           Church… We are living in the time when it is most dangerous to be a Christian.”                        ~~ Bible League International

You have the opportunity to make a difference.  For every $5 donated to Bible League International, one Bible can be provided to someone living in poverty, persecution, or the Muslim world.  By donating, you can provide them with their own easy-to-read Bible in their native language.

Bible League International began in 1938, when a man named William Chapman was inspired after being healed from a serious illness. Healed, Chapman decided that he would use his restored health for God’s service.

This ministry started with 1,000 Bibles in Walkerton, Indiana, and now, 75 years later, they provide millions of Bibles to over 700 different language groups.

They don’t just mail Bibles overseas, Bible League International trains Bible planters who are hands-on in various places. The Bible planters make disciples by way of Bible studies and through Bible based literacy programs that help impoverished people learn to read using Scriptures.

To donate, click HERE or call 1-800-YES-WORD (1-800-937-9673).