Chaplain Jamie Update 1.1.14

Chaplain Jamie, representing the Sound of Life and her ministry, Compassionate Reach International, has reached her destination in the Philippines. She’ll be ministering there for the next three weeks. Her main goal is to bring psychological and spiritual care and trauma education to victims and caregivers.  We’ll be bringing you her updates as we receive them.

Jamie Grubb


Today was a very slow day; as if God knew that victims and relief workers alike needed a day off. The Filippinos must have chosen to sleep late after the festivities of last night and visit the clinic another day. There weren’t any births past nine or ten this morning, no accidents, no emergencies.

Nick and Tarra Greely are both medical and midwife volunteers and tomorrow is their last day with us. The children love Nick who gets them laughing with his antics, always ready to play, and today was a day of play.

Being housed in a school means the children hang out here, and the crowd grows daily. I’m greeted by shouts of “Lola”. I chose to be called by the Filippino name for grandmother which my own grandchildren refer to me by.

Jamie CounselingFilippinos eating

There is a partnership here with a German NGO (Non-government Organization) called NAVIS, who together with Mercy in Action, staff the medical provided by Unicef. I took a lot of pictures of NAVIS today with promise of emailing them to the doctors and paramedics.

More supplies

Room shot

Tent insideGerman Doctor







“Dr. H” spoke about his childhood and how Germans are not as “spontaneous” as they used to be, stating that he still felt spontaneous at times. After an afternoon of watching others play, the good doctor joined in the jumping rope, magically caught on my cell phone. To shouts of “Lola”, I also took a turn at jumping amidst the laughter of the adults, children, nations, rich and poor alike.

Disasters are the great equalizer, where the faces of humanity reflect the image of God and my heart’s cry is that my small part will reflect the image of the redeemed hope of Christ. I love my job. I love serving the “least of these”.