Chaplain Jamie Update

Chaplain Jamie, representing the Sound of Life and her ministry, Compassionate Reach International, has reached her destination in the Philippines. She’ll be ministering there for the next three weeks. Her main goal is to bring psychological and spiritual care and trauma education to victims and caregivers.  We’ll be bringing you her updates as we receive them.

Jamie Grubb


Jamie's view

Jamie - Children playing

“The view out of my front door is one of devastation and poverty (picture left) but also one of life and hope (picture below). I look through the children’s playground at the school that has been turned into a maternal health care clinic. There are coconut trees snapped in half. Beyond the playground and the trees are the plywood shacks and rubble that line the beaches. We are interrupted as I write this… a mother seeking help for her little boy who was seizing for the second time. He saw the group of doctors who call this place home for two days a week, just this morning, but the seizures continue. I sit writing with my T-shirt pulled over my nose, trying to keep out the smell and smoke of the burning trash that may have caused my respiratory problems last night.”

Please continue to pray for Jamie as she begins her time of ministry there.

Father God, we pray that you bring the right connections and your guidance to Jamie as she ministers to and encourages those who have been spending themselves to help others over these past many weeks. Bring the light of Your life and hope back to the hearts of these people. In Jesus name, Amen.