Letters for Saeed

You’ve heard us mention Pastor Saeed on the air… He’s an Iranian born, U.S. Citizen who is being held illegally in Iran because of being a follower of Christ.

From the confines of his prison cell, Pastor Saeed has written a letter to Iran’s new president asking for his freedom. His heartfelt plea: “Considering the fact that I came to Iran to serve the orphans, please do not let them make my children orphans and my wife without a guardian.”

The American Center for Law and Justice has joined with Pastor Saeed, launching a brand-new letter-writing campaign to Iran’s president on a brand-new website. It’s a critical effort, and response has already been overwhelming. In just the first 48 hours, letters written had reached over two-thirds the goal of 52,000 letters for the 52 weeks of his illegal imprisonment.

You can sign the letter or write one of your own, and it will be delivered to Iran’s president. CLICK HERE TO SEND YOUR LETTERsave-saeed