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Our Summer Project – TWR’s Project Hannah

Once again, we're excited to partner with TWR for our summer mission project!  It's called PROJECT HANNAH.  Maybe you've heard the announcement we've been airing about Biljana, a young mother who didn't know what to do after she ran away from her abusive second husband.  Here's the rest of her story:

A shivering 15-year-old, Biljana Nikolic, stood shielding her one-month-old on a street corner in Serbia as a fierce thunderstorm whipped through town.  She leaned against a house to steady herself against the wind.  She was fleeing her abusive second husband less than a year after running away from her first husband… a man her mother forced her to marry.  She watched her baby struggle to breathe, and remember a song her aunt had taught her when she was a child:  "I have a phone that goes up to the sky… when I have problems I can call Jesus."

"God, I know you're there and that You gave me this child," she muttered, "but I don't know what to do with him.  If you want, take him."

Just then a Serbian woman opened the door of the house Biljana was leaning against.  She urged Biljana to come inside.  It was the first of a long string of answers to prayer that change her life.

Eventually, her first husband, Deno, asked her to return to Croatia for the sake of their son.  Yet the couple struggled for years.  Grinding poverty compelled Biljana to beg on the streets, and forced her to sift through trash for scrap metal to sell for cash.  They had no legal documents in Croatia, so they were denied assistance from agencies.  Mutual growing bitterness resulted in violent arguments between Deno and Biljana.  There seemed to be no end to their suffering until 2004.  While she was begging on the streets, a local Christian woman befriended her – an encounter that eventually led to Biljana to give her life to Christ. 

The change in Biljana's life moved Deno.  "I would wake up in the night and could see was in tears praying for me," he says.  "I thought that she had surely cracked, but my conscience began to bother me for everything I had done to her."  Slowly, his love for Biljana grew as he learned about the love of God, and he finally accepted Christ in 2007.

They started maturing together in their faith, slowly… One thing that wasn't slow, though, was their passion to serve their people – the Roma. 2008_roma_509_neu

TWR's Project Hannah for the Roma people in Eastern Europe will focus on women and children in Albania.  The goal is to introduce them to the ONE who has the solution for their life's problems through mass media… so that lasting fruit is produced.  The Sound of Life is excited to partner with them in this effort!

TWR already has their Women of Hope weekly program in the Albanian language, and a prayer calendar program is broadcast daily.  Your SUPPORT for this project will help these programs continue, so that women and children will know the love of God and salvation in the name of Jesus…  Other goals of this program are to:

  • See their future with optimism
  • Build their self-esteem
  • Understand the importance of basic health care
  • Be educated about sexually transmitted diseases and ways to prevent them
  • Learn about the risk of human trafficking
  • Pass on to their children a legacy of faith, wisdom and godly character.

Will you help the Roma women and children in Albania with a gift of $20, $50, $100 or more today?  Partner with the Sound of Life and TWR to bring REAL LIFE, REAL CHANGE to these women and children who are dear to God!

Click to GIVE HERE!  Thanks so much!