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Week of Giving Thanks

“O give thanks to the Lord for He is good!”

Thanksgiving thoughts from Tom…

I was at the station getting ready to do The Sunday Brunch and began thinking about our Week of Giving Thanks. One thought occurred to me: I know “what” we are doing, as Joe has communicated with you about that. He has given you the details of what to share but perhaps we have never really articulated the “why” of our Week of Giving Thanks.

Since the “why” is the foundation that all good “whats” are built upon, I figured I would just take a minute to articulate that to you.

Gratitude has been lost in our culture. Yet to have a strong biblical worldview, to truly love Jesus, is to be a grateful person no matter the degree of pain in our lives. There is no one who can reflect better what it is like to walk through pain and suffering then the Christian. In good and bad, the follower of Jesus should reflect gratitude, not with false religious piety but with the reality a realization that I can do all things through Christ who gives me the strength. (Phil 4: 13)

We live in a culture where much of the time gratitude is not valued which is why we want to encourage it. What about the person who is grateful and doesn’t know God? They simply haven’t come to realize yet that they are walking in the grace of God. You can’t be grateful without God yet you can be grateful without recognizing Him in your life. It all comes from the Lord!

Anyone who has ever gone through recovery knows how critical it is to develop gratefulness. Blame no longer has the place in the life of the devoted follower of Jesus.

I have really appreciated the different thoughts that Angela has shared on the air about gratitude this past week especially, even this morning as I was driving in. My hope and prayer is that our staff and listeners will begin to recapture where gratitude comes from and why it is so important in our lives.

It is gratitude that gets us through the most difficult of times. If you read the “Pray for Listeners” page on our website you will see how desperate and difficult life can get. In it all we can find God through gratitude.

This is our fifth year of the Week of Giving Thanks and I would like to challenge you each day this week to list 5 things you are grateful for.

Day One for me:
1) That God saved me when I wasn’t worth saving on 02/19/82.
2) My wife, who is my best friend and a VERY patient person.
3) The joy of working with such a dedicated team at the Sound of Life. They teach me a lot!
4) My Pastor, Ed Jones, another VERY patient person in my life.
5) The Walter Hoving Home – these ladies have taught me courage and what it really means to surrender to Jesus.

A blessed week of Giving Thanks to you and your family!


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