Welcome to the all new SoundofLife.org!

Real Change has come to our website! We have been prayerfully excited in our anticipation of the launch of this renewed digital media ministry platform. Our desire is to connect you to the positive message of Jesus Christ through the tools God has provided us. That is the mission of Sound of Life, Inc. and we will carry out that mission to you, in part, through this website. We also want to connect with you and connect you with others. That is what drives the mission of our website.

This website is your site and it is here to minister to you and to serve you. You can discover what is going on through God’s ministry and connect with various aspects of the Sound of Life. We believe in a growth model of crawl, walk, run. We don’t have to do it all right now. This renewed site is our first step – crawl. We will continue to massage it, tweak it, and change it so that it will grow and serve you in the best ways it can.

This site is a team effort of love, generosity, creative forward-thinking, and excellence. My thanks to Connie Van Kleeck – Asst. Program Director, Jeremy Carman – our volunteer Webmaster, and the Word of Life design team headed by John Yarosh in Scroon Lake, NY.

If you ever have any questions, thoughts, ideas, or input about this ministry portal, don’t hesitate to let me and our team know. We’re here to serve you!

Now, enjoy our New Year’s gift to you!

Tom Michaels Zahradnik
Chief Executive Officer
Sound of Life, Inc.